This is an elaboration on Humanity on Earth is designated for the middle path, applications in our daily life. We tend to reiterate what makes our body, mind and spirit energizes. From my previous writings:

This does not mean that one in the middle path should never feel separated at all, but the majority of the energy gained is from oneness (in peace) not from separation. One has to experience that oneness leads to peacefulness energizing and heal the body, mind and spirit. In meditation practice, in stillness it is hoped to lead to oneness. In stillness one could also assess oneself what kind of energy he/she gained most.

It is important to note that in the middle path one does not intend to gain energy (energy equal power) as the main purpose, it is just a side effect of being in oneness, in stillness, in peacefulness. However, the feeling of lack of energy is a simple indication of not in oneness. On the other end the temptation of gaining power as the main focus instead of being in oneness to spread peacefulness, is quite a distraction.

See All as One, is the fundamental understanding of the middle path, the path of acceptance. Believing that All is perfect the way they are. All paths are just the opposite experience of infinity, enriching our original infinite state, created by the Infinite Creator. It is all of us want to experience the duality and oneness state, so in returning to our infinite state we will have more understanding and more appreciative to what is given by the Infinite Creator and then move beyond.

This understanding or awareness is not easy to achieve, it is like the chicken and egg situation. When one sees All as One, one feels peaceful, but one can only see All as One when he/she is peaceful. Meditation practice towards stillness helps in gaining the above understanding. The other important way is to seek guidance from our higher self or God on the above understanding, which actually the meaning of life itself. A prayer like the following from a famous scripture [additional explanation in brackets from a Sufi point of view] would also help:

“Guide us to the straight path. The path of those upon whom You have bestowed favor” [The middle path, those who sees the Universe as perfect, always in harmony, in peace]

“not of those who have evoked [Your] anger” {The left path, those who sees others not in line with one ideal and have to be eliminated (their beliefs to the least, their existence to the extreme), mostly in anger]

“or of those who are astray” [The right path, those who sees others diverted from the right path, feels that she/he serves humanity (or others or God) more than others, mostly in sorrow]

Whenever we see other have more, remember it is just an experience that we have not experience when we are in the infinite state. Whenever we see other have less, remember it is just an experience so that we can appreciate what is given in our original infinite state. We do not lookup to others that have more NOR we look down to other that have less. We do not IDOLIZED nor DEMONIZED others. We just try to see All as One. But if we fail to do that just accept the experience, is not we are here to experience the unknown that enriched our understanding? We are One, we are Infinite.