This is a historical day.

We are One = 1

We are Infinite = 7

We are here to learn the opposite meaning of Infinity so that we can move on beyond infinity = 8

By also learning what is DUALITY (the opposite meaning of Oneness) = 2

So we can return to the SOURCE = 0

Always Remember We are actually One = 1

We are Infinite = 7


This is a historical day indeed.


Change is constant throughout the universe, STILLNESS IS NOT. Everything in the universe are moving. It is said that the Source is unlike anything in existence. In stillness we might remember the original thoughts when  we were still One with the Source.

  • When we can see the Perfection in All. We can feel the Unity in All. A sign we are close to our true original home.
  • When we see imperfection in every direction, we are separated, lost far from our Origin.
  • Remember our original thought, being separated is part of the plan. Nothing is deviated from the Grand Plan, everything is perfect the way they are.
  • Imperfections are only an illusion, to enable us to learn the opposite meaning of infinity. To understand more of the Source, the Infinite Creator.

How do we define whether we are in the Unity or Separation state? To describe the Separation State is easy. Whenever we feel more or less compare to others, we are in separation.

  • When we feel less than others, we feel sad. We feel INFERIOR.
  • When we feel more than others, we feel happy. We feel SUPERIOR.
  • In other words, we are always in DUALITY. This Duality State makes us grow (and indeed it will make us move forward, although always in pain, suffering and the opposite feelings in circles).